LVS Brokers enters in partnership with First Insurance

Insurance collaboration with First Insurance Baltics and Maiden General helps us to provide even better service to our Finnish customers and makes lending ever safer.

LVS Brokers enters into partnership with First Insurance and Maiden General to provide payment protection insurance to our Finnish customers. As life can be uncertain at times, income protection insurance is the best way to secure your solvency in case of sudden illness or unemployment.

“By offering income protection insurance, we want to give even more tools to our customers and help them make better financial decisions every day,” – reminds Noora Monte, our Head of Banking.

First insurance Baltics provides flexible and easy-to-use service with competitive pricing and with this partnership we can help our customers to mitigate risks regarding lending. The customer can choose a monthly amount of indemnity from which the loan repayments are partially or fully covered and the insurance itself runs in convenient monthly instalments. As a optional service, the insurance ensures that the repayments are taken care of, even in case of temporary insolvency.

By offering the option to add additional security to the lending process in the form of payment protection insurance, we at LVS Brokers are proud to work towards ever more easy, secure and trustworthy lending process.

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