The 6th fastest-growing fintech in Europe

(Financial Times FT1000)

Unrivalled distribution channel for banks, lenders, and insurance companies to get more sales

Creating perfect matches between banks and their customers​

Our AI-enriched brokerage platform helps consumers make better financial decisions while it generates new business for our partner banks, insurers, and other financial institutions.

We are a strategic partner that brings you new customers and new business with actual, measurable results. And it’s not only about bringing new customers: We also help our partners with expanding into new markets, automating and improving processes, and building efficient APIs.

LVS Brokers has been listed by Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe – 3 years in a row. One year could be a stroke of luck, but three consecutive years are not earned without creating real value to our customers and partners. We understand the business, we combine it with technology for scalable results, and we strive for continuous improvement.

+7 billion

yearly loan application volume

+700 000



financial institutions integrated in our platform


countries – and more is coming!

Our solutions

If you ever wondered where the name LVS comes from, it refers to Finnish words for loan (laina), insurance (vakuutus), and electricity (sähkö). That’s what we started with – scroll down to see how far we have come!

Banks, lenders & insurance companies

We are a customer acquisition partner that brings you new customers and new business with actual, measurable results. We are a chameleon by DNA: We adjust and customize into your ways of working to reach your goals. You outsource the risk related to Customer Acquisition Costs to LVS Brokers, and we get a commission if, and only if, we deliver you new business.


With our point-of-sale credit solution, you avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple different financing products. With LVS Brokers you can get access to a portal that is integrated with multiple banks and lenders at once. This means easier and more flexible financing process for merchants and better terms of financing for customers, thus leading to increased sales figures.

Energy companies

Whether you want to find growth in consumer markets or deliver energy contracts to companies, we’re here to help. We offer energy companies a chance to enhance their revenue by increasing their number of clients. By being a partner of LVS Brokers, you can increase your business without any effort, while our services do all the talking.

Online media

With our white-label solution for online media and affiliate publishers, you get a chance to generate more revenue out of your media properties. As our partner, you get access to our market-leading brokerage platform operating in a variety of markets, as well as the possibility to be among the first ones to expand into new business areas with us. On average, the returns of our media partners have grown more than 30% after partnering with us.

Our markets


Our AI-enriched brokerage platform is a unique solution and the key to our success and rapid growth. Follow the link below to read more about the ground-breaking technology under the hood of our brokerage platform.

Our story

In 2013, it was only three guys and an Excel sheet. Nowadays we are a team of dedicated professionals that have helped more than 700 000 customers in making better decisions in their daily life.

We have built an AI-enriched brokerage platform that helps customers and banks find each other for the best possible match. This means more business for banks and financial service providers, and more savings on time and money for customers.