LVS Brokers Oy celebrates its 5-year landmark and the opening of the new Turku office

At the beginning of March, on Thursday 1.3, LVS Brokers Oy hosted a 5-year birthday celebration for its clients and partners, while also welcoming them to the new office in Turku.

The office in Turku relocated to new, bigger and improved property right in the beginning of the year, when the company also introduced many new employees. Along with food and drinks the celebrations also featured live music, and good company. LVS Brokers Oy wants to thank everyone who participated in the fun evening, and offered their congratulations for the new milestones the company celebrated.

LVS Brokers Oy got its start five years ago, and it has over these past years evolved from a small idea to big actions. The company has gotten more wind under its wings year by year, and it has been evolving gradually, and continuously. The company’s artificial intelligence Irmeli enables us to constantly improve and expand our services, and our brokering services are developing more and more by the day. LVS Brokers Oy wishes to thank all of its clients and partners for the first five years, and looks forward into the future to what it will bring.

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