LVS Brokers extending distribution technology on insurance

While the Financial Times recognized LVS Brokers for being the 5th fastest growing fintech company in Europe earlier this year, we were already pursuing new opportunities. As of now, LVS Brokers is a full-time insurance intermediary registered by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Insurance distribution has been one of the key verticals since the foundation of LVS Brokers. In case you didn’t know it yet, the letter ‘V’ in our name comes from the Finnish equivalent for word insurance, vakuutus. In Finland as well as in many other markets, the digital distribution of insurance is rapidly growing and insurers are looking for new partners and ways to distribute their products.

Insurance distribution to start as an agent of AXA and Chubb – two of the biggest multinational insurers

“The first weeks with hundreds of insurances distributed have proved that there is a high and increasing online demand for insurance. We are researching new ways and channels to meet the evolving customer needs together with our partners,” comments Volmari Ojanen, Head of Insurance of LVS Brokers.

Despite the company name, we are not operating as an insurance broker but instead have extended our platform to insurance distribution as an insurance agent. Currently, LVS Brokers acts as an agent for AXA and Chubb, some of the biggest multinational insurers in the world. Together with our partners, we are aiming to take insurance acquisition closer to the customer.

Volmari Ojanen is steering the insurance side of business at LVS Brokers. If you are looking for new, digital ways for reaching customers for your insurance products, he is the one to talk to!

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