Kicking off the Autumn of 2019

LVS Brokers kicked off the Autumn of 2019 by the sea, relaxing and focusing on the new challenges to come.

The beautiful archipelago of Turku served as the perfect place for relaxing after the summer holidays, making everyone ready for the rest of the year. The kick-off also included workshops on how to keep on going the continuous rise of LVS Brokers, while giving everyone the best chance to evolve in their jobs.

To start of this Autumn it was nice to hear LVS Brokers was listed as one of the biggest fintech in Finland in the yearly list by Helsinki Fintech Farm. LVS Brokers also got a special mention in the article for being able to quadruple our revenue from 2017! Along with this LVS Brokers was also recently listed in The Financial Time’s list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. Another mention as one of the fastest growing companies in Finland came earlier this year from Kauppalehti.

The Autumn of 2019 will have some big changes in the Finnish loan market that will no doubt affect LVS Brokers as well, through our clients. In the beginning of September the new national interest rate will come to affect in Finland, and the PSD2-directive will fully be in force.

2019 has been wonderful for LVS Brokers so far, continuing our climb to success. Let’s make the rest of the year even better!

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