CEO of LVS Brokers Oy takes part in PSD2 monitoring group by FIN-FSA

The CEO of LVS Brokers Oy, Jarkko Forsberg, takes part in a monitoring group about PSD2, organized and maintained by Finland’s Financial Supervisory Authority. The aim of the monitoring group is to forward information and discussion on the matters related to PSD2, with guidance and answers to all the actors working on the field. 

The monitoring group is a part of a regulation project organized by FIN-FSA, and it is aimed to keep working at least until the summer of 2019. PSD2 monitoring group focuses on providing information on the PSD2 direct from EU, that is aimed to develop more secure and innovative payments inside of the are of European Union. Along with developing safety, the directive also encourages to develop and use online and mobile payments, which is one of the things the monitoring group focuses on doing.

The presentation material discussed in the meetings that take place about once a month, can be seen (in Finnish) on FIN-FSA’s website. Finland’s Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) is a Finnish authority monitoring pension-, credit- and insurance institutes working in Finland. The main focus of FIN-FSA’s work is on securing the benefits of the insured, along with maintaining trust and the following of the rules on the finance and insurance market.

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