We help people make better financial decisions

Our AI-enriched brokerage platform has connected banks with new customers since 2013

The way consumers buy financial products is changing

We bring new business and customers to banks, insurers, and other financial organisations in a modern way.

Since 2013 we have helped more than 700 000 customers make better decisions in their daily life. Our AI-enriched brokerage platform is a unique solution and the key to our success. We have already integrated more than 80 banks and financial organisations into the platform.

We are one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Europe, and this isn’t just fancy talk – LVS Brokers has actually been listed by the Financial Times, 3 years in a row*, as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. One year could be a stroke of luck, but three consecutive years are not earned without creating real value to our customers and partners.

We are committed to being the pioneer in the industry: We understand the finance business, we combine this understanding with technology for scalable results, and we strive for continuous improvement.

*Read more: Financial Times FT1000 2021, 2020, 2019


Our brands

These are the brands that consumers, entrepreneurs, and other types of users recognise our services in the markets we operate in.


OmaLaina.fi is the largest financial comparison service in Finland, comparing products and services from more than 30 banks and other financial institutions. The OmaLaina.fi product offering consists of unsecured credit for both consumer and business customers, as well as secured loans, including mortgages.


Saverium.pl is one of the fastest growing financial comparison platforms in Poland. By filling out only one application our customers are being matched with 30 different financial products and services. Since 2018, thousands of Polish customers have already found the response to their financial needs on our platform.


Saverium.dk is one of the largest financial comparison services in Denmark, comparing products and services from more than 10 banks and other financial organisations. The product offering currently consists of loan products for consumers and business owners, and even more product verticals are on the way. The name “Saverium” refers to savings – Our customers save both money and nerves by easily comparing and finding the suitable service provider with us!

The brief history of LVS Brokers


3 guys and an Excel sheet

It all started when our founders Teemu, Lauri & Lauri started to think how much time is spent on comparing different financial and insurance services. Back in 2013 Excel was the option…


Birth of our AI called IRMELI

The guys were on to something and started building an AI platform called IRMELI. Business started growing, and consumers and banks started to find each other.


Hiring first crew members

A business was born and founders wanted to further build the business with an awesome team to scale it up! Juhani & Jarkko joined the crew and started to boost up the growth.


Scaling up in Finland

LVS Brokers starts to scale up in Finland and turnover grows from €0.8 million in 2016 to €2.4 million in 2017, and a lot more in 2018 – all the way up to €8.9 million. At the same time the team grows to 12 members.


Rapid growth in Europe

We opened up Poland 🇵🇱 in late 2018 and Denmark 🇩🇰 in 2020. Within only 2 years we integrated more than 30 partners into our platform in 3 countries. IRMELI is learning new languages pretty fast and is already looking for the next challenge!


Expansion to rest of the Europe

Operating in three countries is only the beginning: There is a lot of territories in which we can help customers make better financial decisions! We aim to hire more talent, develop our services, and double our revenue in 2021, so now is a great time to join us.


Our AI-enriched brokerage platform is a unique solution and the key to our success and rapid growth. Follow the link below to read more about the ground-breaking technology under the hood of our brokerage platform.