Tekes’ Young Innovative Company funding to LVS Brokers Oy

Tekes’ Young Innovative Company has granted LVS Brokers Oy a funding for maintaining and developing its global growth. With this funding LVS Brokers Oy can develop its international growth in global market, along with strengthening the company’s already thriving business model. 

Young Innovative Company funding funds every year successful start-up companies, who can prove their steady growth and successful work, along with a stable revenue. LVS Brokers Oy has proved with its work to be a company with fast and steady growth, who also has a clear and working strategy to grow even more globally.

Young Innovative Company funding has been granted for over 361 companies already, ever since 2008. The funding is granted by Business Finland, who helps Finnish companies not only financially, but in other ways as well, to help them reach new heights with global growth. Young Innovative Company funding can be granted to companies that have been active for less than five years, with commitment to develop the company’s work, and global growth.

Global growth has been an important part of LVS Brokers Oy’s work for some time now, and company’s work and position in the international market has done well and gotten wind under its wings. Having success and a position in the global financial market is an important part of the company’s business strategy, and focusing on this is something that the funding from the Young Innovative Company will be used in.

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