LVS Brokers was one of Finland’s fastest growing companies in 2018

LVS Brokers was number 37 on the list of 2018’s 100 fastest growing companies in Finland, according to Kauppalehti. 

This is the first time LVS Brokers made it to the list, placing well above the halfway point of all the companies. The top three of the list consists of 1. Fenniarail Oy, 2. Northmill Oy, and 3. Oura Health Oy. The list was published by Kauppalehti, who arranges the annual list every spring.
This is the already the 10th time the annual list is gathered and published.

The 100 fastest growing companies on the list have a total turnover of almost 2,7 billion euros. This is more than 23-time growth from three years ago, and a huge step from last year, when the total turnover was only 1,2 billion euros. All together 79 companies also had a yearly growth of more than 100 %.

You can see the full list and companies’ placements from this link.

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