LVS Brokers took part in ringing the NASDAQ bell

In May 30-31. LVS Brokers took part in a networking event Arctic 15 in Helsinki. The annual event who acted as a host for over 450 start ups is known for its variety in participating start ups and its original networking model. 

Along with over 450 start ups the event gathered together over 300 investors, and over 150 representatives of media and corporations, all from over 60 different countries. This international event is organized annually in Helsinki, and its popularity has been growing year by year.

The Arctic 15 event featured a NASDAQ bell ring, in which LVS Brokers was honored to be a part of. NASDAQ bell declares the event officially started. LVS Brokers also got to know numerous different contacts through Deal Room, which is a unique room for companies and investors to have meetings in. Thousands of meetings are held in the Deal Room every year, most of which lead to some kind of collaboration.

In 2018 Arctic 15 focused on the actual number of 15, bringing it out in different ways. The event focused on 15 different fields, bringing together everything from space, finance, technology and virtual reality. Arctic 15 also acted as a host for many speeches from successful entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Ann Winblad, ja Bruce Oreck.

Photo: Saara Autere

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