LVS Brokers starts their summer season on a work trip to Gdansk

On 17.-19.5, LVS Brokers Oy spent some well deserved summer days in the sun, by traveling for a work trip to Gdansk, Poland.

Along with work and some client meetings the summer days were spent in good spirits getting to know the beautiful surroundings in Gdansk. The Old Town gave us some beautiful views and history, while different restaurants offered local delicacies for tasting.

Gdanks is located on the coastline of Poland, in the North of the country. The city is historically very important, and this can be seen well especially in the Old Tow, which is one of the rare areas that weren’t entirely rebuilt after the Second World War. For LVS Brokers Gdansk is an important place geographically, since it’s located in one of the countries that LVS Brokers Oy has a lot of customers in. LVS Brokers has a lot of bank and creditor customers in Poland, so the whole country is important and close to the company, making it a perfect place to spend some beautiful summer days in.

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