LVS Brokers is again participating in Slush!

It has become a tradition for LVS Brokers representatives to yearly participate in Slush, the largest startup-event in Finland. This year Slush is even more special, because LVS Brokers, in cooperation with, are arranging their own side event: Under the Deck!

Secure your seat now at!

Welcome aboard on the journey towards invincible continents!

In this event to officially kick off the Slush 2019 we have gathered together influential decision-makers, entrepreneurs and top experts from different fields. The meeting of these sailors takes place on the night of November 20, 2019, under the deck.

The theme being the toughest sailors of Slush, the evening offers stories from the seas, new and old friends, and theme appropriate food and drinks. Smooth sailing is also secured by our mysterious speakers of the event: a spoke-person for sustainable future in consumer behavior with +60 million in revenue, an investor who built a spa inside a rock, a growth hacker with +10 million in revenue, and a freerider who lives on a boat and earns his living remotely.

This event is invite only, and you can register for the event from the invite you have received. There’s a limited number of tickets to this event.

Haven’t gotten an invite but think you are tough enough sailor to participate? You can apply for a seat to step on board from this link. 

This event kicks off Slush 2019, the biggest startup-event in Finland, organized this year on the 21-22nd of November. Slush brings together 25,000 change-makers under one roof, and it’s the most iconic and important event of the year for many attendees. Slush gathers thousands of top-skilled people together to discuss everything in the world of startups, for two magical days. 

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