LVS Brokers on Financial Time’s list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

LVS Brokers made it to the 220th place on Financial Times annual list of 1000 fastest-growing European companies.

Financial Times announced its annual list of fastest-growing companies in Europe for the third time this year. The list has in total 1000 companies from all over Europe, and this year LVS Brokers was one of the companies on the list.

LVS Brokers is on the 220th place in the overall list. In the field of fintech the company is on the 8th place, and in Finnish fintech companies LVS Brokers is the first. This makes LVS Brokers the fastest-growing fintech company in Finland.

Financial Times creates the annual list of companies together with Statista, based on achieving the highest compound annual growth rate in companies revenue, between 2014-2017. The list showcases the future leaders of different fields, presenting companies who are growing and developing fast, but steady. This is the first year for LVS Brokers to be on the list.

You can see the full list of all of the companies here:

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