Finland as a FinTech Hub – The study

Finland Fintech Forum 2019 event took place on the 21st of October, in Helsinki. The event was organized by Fintech Finland together with Helsinki Business Hub and Business Finland. The event focused on shining light on the field of Finnish fintech as a whole, and it also featured the publication of the study of the Finnish fintech landscape, delivered by Deloitte.

The study is the most comprehensive so far about the field of Finnish fintech, and its aim was to “get a fact-based understanding of the Finnish fintech landscape and the supporting ecosystem as well as key recommendations for the strategy determining how to make Finland an internationally recognized fintech hub.”

The study included for example an online survey for fintech companies and industry expert interviews. It also features some key recommendations for taking the
next steps towards making Finland an internationally recognized FinTech hub. You can see the full study here.

In short, Finnish fintech is thriving and the high levels of talent with a strong technology start-up scene give Finland great opportunities to become a significant operational environment for fintech operators from all over the world. 

The key challenges of achieving this focus on setting a clear common view of the field with firm ambition. Finland’s small size in comparison to other countries gives the field a small challenge, so visibility must be invested in. In the future strongly than ever the finnish fintech products and services as export to other countries can give Finland strong benefits as a whole.

API’s, such as LVS Brokers’ Money API, are widely used in the field.

LVS Brokers took part in Finland Fintech Forum 2019 where the study was released.

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