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Whether you want to find growth in consumer markets or sell energy products to business customers, we can help you.

Bringing new customers to energy companies since 2013​

The way customers acquire energy products is changing. Whether you want to find growth in consumer markets or sell energy products to companies, we’re here to help.

LVS Brokers has developed an AI-enriched technology solution that facilitates more sales and new customers to our partner companies. Our mission is to match customers with the most suitable service providers to make your customer acquisition more efficient and customers more satisfied.

We offer energy companies a chance to grow their revenue by getting more business and customers through us. By being a partner of LVS Brokers, you can increase your business without any effort, while our services do all the talking.

Fun fact: If you ever wondered where the name LVS comes from, it refers to Finnish words for loan (laina), insurance (vakuutus), and electricity (sähkö). Facilitating energy contracts has been in our DNA since the very beginning!

+10 000

customers use our electricity comparison platform every month


of customers commit to their energy supplier for more than a year


of customers compare also other features rather than just price

Our partners

These represent some of the banks and lenders that LVS Brokers already works with. The number of lenders has already grown into 30+ banks and non-banking lenders in Europe, and we continue to seek out for more quality partners to work with in the future. In addition to these, we also work with a variety of insurance and electricity companies.

Our markets

One of the most known electricity agreement acquisition sites in Finland. Sähkömittari.fi has an excellent rating in Google and customers appreciate a marketplace where they can easily compare energy options and companies.

Visit Sähkömittari.fi

Saverium.fi is our international brand with thousands of users on a daily basis. We provide customers with a platform where they can easily find the most optimal service provider in different verticals, saving both time and money.

Visit Saverium.fi

OmaLaina.fi is the largest loan comparison service in Finland, comparing products and services from more than 30 banks and other financial institutions. OmaLaina.fi customers now also have their own platform for acquiring energy products.

Visit Omalaina.fi


Finland is our home base as we have operated there since LVS Brokers was established in 2013. Currently we work with more than 10 energy companies in the market, including both local and international players. LVS Brokers is the leading broker in the Finnish market, both in terms of number of partners as well as revenue.

Noora Monte

Head of Banking

How can we add value?

With us you only pay for the results and the customers you want. Whether your goal is strong growth in customer volume or to provide offers to bigger companies, we’ll deliver.

Just connect to our smart brokerage platform and we take care of the rest. Applications are processed automatically 24/7.

Whether you have agile, automated processes to handle thousands of customers in the blink of an eye, or you wish to process only a handful of carefully picked customers manually, we adapt to your way of working.

We strive for improvement every day. We’re dedicated to not only bringing you new customers – We also help our partners with expanding into new markets, automating and improving processes, and building efficient APIs. Our professional customer care team helps both, our energy company partners and customers every day.

We don’t only provide our partners with new customers and sales, but we also help our partners identify new business opportunities. We have a unique advantage point of the demand and supply in the financial industry, and we use it to help our partners understand the market and its opportunities.

When you partner with us, we give you our full support to have better understanding of the market, expand into new markets, and improve your products and processes. In practice, this can mean for example an agile way of testing the demand and configurations of a whole new product or new geographical area without expensive marketing and personnel investments.


Our AI-enriched brokerage platform is a unique solution and the key to our success and rapid growth. Follow the link below to read more about the ground-breaking technology under the hood of our brokerage platform.

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