Effortless financing solutions for auctioning with the Money API – Case Huutokaupat.com

Why apply for financing from a single provider with a high cost, when you can compare more than 30 banks and lenders and find the most inexpensive solution amongst them? This was exactly the case with Huutokaupat.com, who was thinking of how to offer effortless yet reasonable financing solutions for their clients.

Therefore, the Finnish auctioning site Huutokaupat.com decided to team up with LVS Brokers to help bidders find a suitable financial solution for their purchases. Together Huutokaupat.com and LVS Brokers can offer clients quick and effortless financing solutions while placing a bid on a wanted auction item.

Huutokaupat.com utilizes the Money API by LVS Brokers to collect and distribute financing applications to more than 30 banks and non-banking lenders. This makes it easy for customers to seek financing on items they wish to bid on, without leaving the site of Huutokaupat.com itself. The financing option can be easily found on the site on almost every separate item, and with a single application, the customer can reach dozens of loan providers and find the most convenient option for their personal needs.

“LVS Brokers took care of the implementation on behalf of us, and we just needed to integrate the solution to our site. It was a simple and quick process,” describes the Huutokaupat.com CEO Santtu Poutanen the partnership with LVS Brokers. “The goal of working together with LVS Brokers was to secure an easy and safe way of finding the most suitable funding for every customer,” Poutanen continues.

The Money API has already helped more than half a million consumers and SMEs to find the best financial solution for their needs by comparing offers from +30 banks and non-banking lenders.

The Money API makes it easy to add a financing solution to any bidding item on the site. Financing is easy to apply – the client can reach dozens of lenders with a single application.

Huutokaupat.com is an auctioning site and a marketplace for all things imaginable. The sellers on the site vary from private companies and organizations to Finland’s Army, recovery proceedings, public sector and bankruptcy estates. Almost anything from cars and jewellery to construction site machines and home appliances can be auctioned off on the site.

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