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The way consumers acquire financial services is changing. We bring customers to you in a modern way.

Partnership that makes a difference

Our AI-enriched brokerage platform helps consumers make better financial decisions while it generates new business to our partner banks.

We are a strategic customer acquisition partner that brings you new customers and new business with actual, measurable results. We are a chameleon by DNA: We adjust and customize into your ways of working to reach your goals. And it’s not only bringing new customers – We also help our partners expand into new markets, automating and improving processes, and building efficient APIs.

We value real partnerships and long-term cooperation, and this is proven by the fact that none of the banks that have started to co-operate with us have decided to end it. When you shine, we shine!

+700 000

customers delivered to banks


banks and other financial organisations integrated into our platform


banks have terminated their cooperation with us

Our partners

These represent some of the banks and lenders that LVS Brokers already works with. The number of lenders has already grown into 80+ banks and non-banking lenders in Europe, and we continue to seek out for more quality partners to work with in the future. In addition to these, we also work with a variety of insurance and electricity companies.

Markets is the largest financial comparison service in Finland, comparing products and services from more than 30 banks and other financial institutions. The product offering consists of unsecured credit for both, consumer and business customers, as well as secured loans, including mortgages.



Finland is our home base as we have operated there since LVS Brokers was established in 2013. Currently we work with more than 30 banks and other financial organisations in the market, including both local and international players.

LVS Brokers is the biggest broker in the Finnish loan market, both in terms of number of partners as well as revenue. Currently our brokerage platform mediates products such as consumer loans, business loans, point-of-sale credit, credit cards, insurance products, and mortgages under the supervision of Finnish FSA.

Noora Monte

Head of Banking


We launched our services in Denmark in 2020, and have since grown rapidly to be one of the biggest brokers in the market. In Denmark, we cooperate with more than 10 banks and other financial organisations and have tens of thousands of customers using our services on a monthly basis.

We’re continuously in the lookout for new partners and products that could benefit our users and your potential customers. Whether you are already an established provider of financial services, or you are interested in entering the Danish market, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Anni Salo

Country Manager Denmark is one of the largest financial comparison services in Denmark, comparing products and services from more than 10 banks and other financial organisations. The product offering currently consists of loan products for consumers and business owners, and even more product verticals are on the way. The name “Saverium” refers to savings – Our customers save both time and money by easily comparing and finding the suitable service provider with us!


Visit is one of the fastest growing financial comparison platforms in Poland. Filling out only one application, our customers are being matched with 30 different financial products and services. Since 2018, thousands of Polish customers have already found the response to their financial needs on our platform. The name “Saverium” refers to savings – Our customers save both time and money by easily comparing and finding the suitable service provider with us!



Poland was the first direction of LVS Brokers’ international expansion. We started our operations in Poland in 2019 and have grown rapidly ever since. We currently cooperate with 30 financial institutions and are constantly adding new ones to increase the portfolio and match the requirements of our users. Right now we have a wide range of consumer credit offers and soon we will be opening new financial verticals to serve the needs of our growing customer base.

Paweł Piotrowski

Country Manager Poland

How can we add value?

LVS Brokers has been listed by Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe – 3 years in a row*. One year can be an accident, but three consecutive years are not earned without creating real value to customers and partners.

We are committed to being the pioneer in the industry: We understand the finance business, we combine this understanding with technology for scalable results, and we strive for continuous improvement – Together with our partners.

*Read more: Financial Times FT1000 2021, 2020, 2019

We know and we are good at what we do; Therefore there are no fixed fees involved. You outsource your risk related to Customer Acquisition Costs to LVS Brokers, and we get a commission if, and only if, we deliver you new business.

Whether you have agile, automated processes to handle thousands of customers in a blink of an eye, or you wish to process only a handful of carefully picked customers manually, you can be sure we’ll deliver!

Digital sales couldn’t be easier than this! Our in-house tech team develops our platform further every day, and they are at your service when you are working with us. If you are looking for big volumes or want to launch a new product to test the market, we recommend working through APIs. We will adjust our API to match yours directly, which means minimal to no technical work on your end.

If you, on the other hand, want to carefully test your product in the broker channel, we can handpick you the best suitable customers. You can be sure that your team only serves the best-in-class customers that match your preferred customer profile. Get in touch with us and we can discuss more on the possible combinations from manual workflow to full automation.

Data security is a key factor in the financial industry. One of our most important tasks is to ensure the information security of all of our services. Our partnerships with banks and financial institutions as well as relationships with customers are all based on trust and security.

We have effective data management systems, as required by the GDPR, bank and insurance secrecy laws, and other regulations, and our services work through secure APIs. We conduct third-party penetration testing on a regular basis, and operate under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority in Finland (FIN-FSA).

We don’t only provide our partners with new customers and sales, but we also help our partners identify new business opportunities. We have a unique advantage point of the demand and supply in the financial industry, and we use it to help our partners understand the market and its opportunities.

When you partner with us, we give you our full support to have better understanding of the market, expand into new markets, and improve your products and processes. In practice, this can mean for example an agile way of testing the demand and configurations of a whole new product or new geographical area without expensive marketing and personnel investments.


Our AI-enriched brokerage platform is a unique solution and the key to our success and rapid growth. Follow the link below to read more about the ground-breaking technology under the hood of our brokerage platform.

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